Downtown Friday Night

From a solo-musician lounge act to a high powered hard rock outfit, downtown Kamloops, has  it all for you on a Friday night.


Earlier in the month I checked out the entertainment on 4th Avenue in downtown Kamloops on a Friday night. Tumbleweeds Lounge in the Plaza Hotel had the talented Scott Yvonne entertaining the after dinner crowd.


He played guitar and covered songs from many great singer/songwriters and had a few people nostalgically singing along. Later, he switched to keyboards, without missing a beat. He borrowed extensively from the greats of the 1970s and took a few requests for country songs, too. After a couple of sets I headed down the street to the Blue Grotto to hear Last Child. This is a hard rock band that is named after a famous Aerosmith song. As expected they “rocked the casbah,” or  in this case, the Grotto. Last Child consists of Gary Mockford on guitar and vocals, Richard Graham on drums and vocals, Scott Skulmoski on guitar and lead vocals and Darren Jones on bass.



They covered classic tunes from hard rock bands, primarily of the 1980s. The audience of friends and admirers filled the dance floor throughout the night and shouted along to their favourite tunes. Graham and Jones play in a variety of other bands and they also play in Blackdaze, which is an Ozzie Osbourne tribute band. Both Mockford and Skulmoski play at various jams in town and Mockford has appeared with Dodie Goldney’s Instamatics and as a solo act.



After the two shows, I returned home with many classic tunes racing through my mind. It was another fun night in downtown Kamloops.