Volunteer Profile: Richie Tronson

Richie Tronson is a veteran programmer at CFBX and avid fan of local live music. Catch his show, This Microphone Smells!, Mondays 8-9 PM. Check the show’s fansite out on Facebook here.

Richie1) How long have you been doing your radio show?

I have been a programmer with CFBX since 2003.

2) What made you want to volunteer with CFBX?

I was a volunteer with The Omega from 2000-2004(?) and that’s I how I first heard about CFBX. It started out as something cool my brother and I could do together. When we stopped doing our show, I kept going on my own.

3) What is your show about? What can we hear in your show?

My show shines a spotlight on local and touring bands. I do my best to promote the local scene in Kamloops.

4) What makes your show unique? Why should we tune in?

I often talk about shows that I’ve been to, and bands that l love with the hope that you will fall in love with them too. If you tune in you might discover your new favourite band or a concert you might have missed otherwise.

5) What was the best show you’ve done to date?

One of the hardest shows for me to do was the one I had on the day my Grandfather passed away. I dedicated the show to him and I played music by artists that he liked. It was a very emotional but ultimately healing experience, and resulted in a beautiful and touching show.

I am also interviewed July Talk and Hot Panda for This Microphone Smells! Two of my absolute favourite interviews. Really happy with how they turned out.

Dudes6) Name an artist you’ve discovered in the past year you think your audience should know about?

The Dudes, from Calgary. Look them up!

7) What was a recent live concert or show you have been to that you enjoyed and why you enjoyed it?

The Dudes were the headliner for a show, in December, with Thunderchild and Echo Beach. They absolutely killed it. Solidly entertaining band. Great musicianship.

8) Are there any local artists, writers or musicians that you think your audience should know about?

The Houses (Where We Grew Up) just released a new album. It’s absolutely fantastic, and they are local Kamloops boys.

9) Name another show on CFBX you enjoy and why you enjoy it.

Mind the Gap, with Cayman Duncan (Thursdays 4-5 PM). Gripes of Wrath, with Mallory Johnson (Sundays 7-8 PM). Broken Glass, with Myles Gregory (Sundays 9-10 PM). All solid shows with entertaining hosts.

10) What are your plans for your show in the next year?

I want to incorporate more interviews into my show, whether live or recorded. And I want to go see Dilly Dally. They have a concert in Vancouver, in April. My excitement about that show will shape shows to come.