A Course In Miracles Chapter 19

In the Chapter titled The Attainment of Peace, the first section (Healing and Faith) tells us that we can attain inner peace by turning all situations over to God. The degree of peace you feel in your life is a direct reflection of your degree of faith. If you are not at peace, you have not fully turned the matter over to God and the Holy Spirit.

If you believe that you and all around you are nothing but bodies, peace may be impossible. The Course constantly asks us to choose between two belief systems, and chapter 19 asks us again.

“Every situation, properly perceived, is an opportunity to heal the Son of God.”

Every situation you are in is one more opportunity to find peace and choose between the two thought systems of the Holy Spirit or the ego. You heal when you choose the thought system of the Holy Spirit that allows you to see each other and your self, not as bodies, but as the unlimited Sons of God that you are.

I still have major objections to the patriarchal languaging used by the Course and I find myself replacing words such as brothers or Sons with others, children etc. None of this need impact the major message of the Course that we are unlimited Spirit, part of God, and that we never separated from God.

I’m also not fully convinced by the Course’s description of why and how we ended up dreaming and thinking we had separated. It reminds me of other unbelievable stories of how humans originated. It appears that the Course has become a new religion, with its own dogma although I am appreciating its major messages.

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