A Course In Miracles, Chapter 18

The title of Chapter 18 is The Passing of the Dream. The dream of life as we know it, is left behind by our having just a little willingness to join with God again. This chapter points out that when we believe ourselves to be unworthy of God, we are directly opposed God’s Will, which is that we always have been perfect, whole and complete. We just have to be willing to not put our ego’s thoughts and plans for our life ahead of God’s plans for us. To do this, we give up our belief in the body and the ego to see ourselves as One with God.

Chapter 18 contains the section supposedly the most popular of all in A Course In Miracles. In order to have time to look more deeply at that section (The Little Garden), the show skimmed over the first few sections of Chapter 18.

Section 6, titled Beyond the Body, is where the show begins to focus more on the detail leading forward into The Little Garden (Section 8).  In the show, we review the Course’s meaning of the word “mind”  before the discussion of how the body is a fantasy.

Section 7, I Need Do Nothing, tells us that we need do nothing but to have faith that we are unlimited spirit, not the body.

Section 8, The Little Garden, is beautifully written. As examples, it asks us to consider ourselves as little sunbeams of the sun, or a tiny ripple on the ocean, still part of either the sun or the ocean. Our egos have come to believe that we ARE the sun, not the sunbeam; or similarly, that our ego has come to believe that it is the ocean, not the little ripple, and has therefore become afraid of the real sun or ocean as a threat that would swallow up any sunbeam or ripple. When we can have faith that we are NOT our bodies (or our ego’s dream of being the sun or the ocean) our dry desert garden becomes green, quiet and peaceful.

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