An End to Upside Down Thinking

Does consciousness come before matter?

Part book review, part commentary, and with plenty of quotes, the show looks at three of the main ideas presented in the book, An End to Upside Down Thinking: Dispelling the Myth That the Brain Produces Consciousness, and the Implications for Everyday Lifeˆ. Written by Mark Gober, these three main ideas the show discussed are:

1. Consciousness underlies matter.

2. The brain acts as a filter, limiting our experience of consciousness.

3. Reduced brain functioning may increase our full experience of consciousness.

Materialism is the concept that the brain produces consciousness. Materialism views the world as having been made first from matter (atoms, electrons, etc) that formed into chemical reactions, that then formed DNA and biological organisms, which developed brains, that then developed consciousness.

What if it is the other way around? What if consciousness underlies matter? This is what our spiritual masters have been telling us – that we are not bodies, limited to matter; but unlimited spirit (consciousness).

While schools have taught Newtonian physics for years, quantum physics (aka quantum mechanics) has been around since the start of the 20th centre. In 1931, Max Planck, widely regarded as one of the fathers of quantum physics, stated, “I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness.” Science seems to be agreeing with spirituality.

Much of the book covers telepathy, near death experiences, remote viewing, the psychic abilities of humans and animals, and this was outside the scope of the show.

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