Jazzy Times at the Red Collar with the Kris Ruston Trio

Late December found an infrequent appearance by a jazz band in Kamloops. The Kris Ruston Trio, with special guest Richard Graham, played a gig at the Red Collar venue in downtown Kamloops. The trio consists of Kris Ruston on guitars and keyboard, Alexander Ward on bass and keyboard, Jared Wilman on drums and guest Richard Graham added vocals and spelled Wilman on drums for a few tunes. The vocal songs were borrowed from the Great American Songbook, with favourites like “On the Street Where You Live.” DSCN6986

Instrumentals included arrangements from the Sonny Rollins songbook, such as Oleo and St. Thomas, and Four from Miles Davis to name a few.


Red Collar Brewing was packed for this show and many local musicians were seen in the audience throughout the night.

It was wonderful to hear these talented musicians, who play in a variety of genres, show that they certainly have their jazz chops.

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