The Master Game

Book review of The Master Game, by Dr. Robert S. de Ropp

This somewhat cynical book  takes a look at spirituality as the Master Game, the only one worth playing. Paraphrasing Thomas Szasz, what people really want from life are games worth playing. Of these games, such as the glory game, the wealth game, the fame game,  and more, there is a group of upper end games known as the high games.

These include art (beauty); science; religion and what de Ropp calls the Master Game.

Where the art game has become commercialized; the science game perhaps less so, but still focused on publication and status, the religion game has never been less popular than it is today. de Ropp makes the point that the religion game has been played as much for power and wealth as for anything else.

He calls awakening the master game and the most difficult of all the games. To quote,

… the Master Game is played entirely in  the inner world, a vast and complex territory about which men know very little. The aim of the game is true awakening, full development of the powers latent in man. The game can be played only by people whose observations of themselves and others have led them to a certain conclusion, namely, that man’s ordinary state of consciousness, his so-called waking state, is not the highest level of consciousness of which he is capable…

de Ropp speaks of the ‘fourth room’ of consciousness, and the various stages of the game of awakening.

A cynical book, but in my opinion, well worth reading. 

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