Yearender Schedule, Friday, December 21st

Hi Everyone! Our last day of broadcast before the Christmas break will be Friday, December 21st. As usual, we celebrate the end of the year with our on air party, The Yearender. We’ll be hosting live radio from 12 noon – 8 PM, with interviews with guests, some great music from the past year, plus a few musical guests and community members.

The current schedule is below, and it will be updated as we get more information. If you’d like to be part of the fun, please email the station using our contact page.

We’ll be back with live programming the morning of Wednesday, January 2nd.

Noon: Host: Mike Weddell and Michelle Kozuchar


12:00: Cara Beckett, host of Consciousness Ego and Enlightenment

12:15: Charles Hays, journalism department

12:30: Chris Weddell, Connections storytelling project

12:45: Verena Nantley-Ford, Connections storytelling project

1 PM: Host: Dylan Olson


1:00: Mike Weddell, host of Live Mike

1:15: Michelle Kozuchar, host of Women Who Rock

1:30: Jason Bermiller, host of ProgDog

1:45: Chad Hellingman, host of Rock in the Afternoon

2 PM: Host: Jason Bermiller


2:00: Dylan Olson, host of Alternative Eye

2:15: Dipak Parmar, host of Bollywood Beats


2:45: Nada Abdulghaffar, host of Musical Saturdays

3 PM: Host: Ollie Kachmar and Theresa Lomax


3:00: Theresa Lomax, off air volunteer

3:15: Ollie Kachmar, host of The Beat

3:30: Annette Gauthier, Chimera Theatre

3:45: Brant Zwicker, host of Stormy Monday

4 PM: Host: Vince Almond


4:00: Debbi Lang, host of The Cosmic Detective

4:15: Angelo Anastasion, host of Panorama Italiano

4:30: Faith Batement, on air host

4:45: Michael Trudeau, host of For the Hearing Prepared

5 PM: Host: Andrew Sahaydak


5:00: Vince Almond, host of Blues Boogie and Bop

5:15: Owen Powers, and a musical collective

5:30: Jill Zielinski, host of Area 51

5:45: Mallory Johnson, host of Gripes of Wrath.

6 PM: Host: Rod and Julie Simmons


6:00: Andrew Sahaydak, former host


6:30: Andrew Meyerhoffer, host of a TBA show


7 PM: Host: Steve Marlow


7:00: Rod Simmons, host, When Swing Was King

7:15: Julie Simmons, host, On the Marquee

7:30: Ande Comber, host of Evolution of Metal

7:45: Steve Marlow, host of Do Not Touch This Amp