Disabling Thoughts We Shouldn’t Believe

Your thoughts are with you constantly. They are with you from when you first wake up, until you fall asleep, and even then, when you dream. Thoughts are the biggest influence you will ever have. But are they accurate?

Brain science says no. Beyond that, many spiritual leaders tell us not to believe our thoughts. Among these are Adyashanti, David Hawkins, A Course In Miracles, and more. 

Thoughts form into decisions about the world, and these decisions then become our beliefs – seldom to ever be questioned again. Some beliefs are small (chicken soup is good for colds) and others are large (the world is against me.) Beliefs lead our way into everything we do.

Big beliefs are more than everyday thoughts about chicken soup being good to have for lunch when you have a cold. Big beliefs are underneath every decision that you make and are seldom questioned, even though they form the backbone of your life.

So it makes sense to check on the biggest beliefs that you have – the ones that underscore every aspect of your life. These are beliefs that can either support you or disable you. 

Spiritually speaking, there are some big beliefs that are very disabling: beliefs that you are your body, for instance, or the belief that you are somehow a victim. Both those beliefs lead to fear. 

Fear comes from the belief that we are fragile and limited to bodies – exactly what many spiritual leaders tell us that we are not – not limited, not fragile, not just bodies. 

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