A Course In Miracles Chapter 16

Although this chapter is titled, The Forgiveness of Illusions, it has a heavy emphasis on special relationships.

A special relationship is a relationship with anyone or anything you believe to be ‘special’. Generally, people think of this in terms of people: your spouses, your friends, your parents, children, etc. These are all people that you love more than you love a total stranger. You see this person as special, compared to others. You love them more than you love others. This girlfriend or boyfriend is special compared to all other possibles partners.

Special relationships include more than people. If you love your dog or cat more than you love every other dog or cat, you have a special relationship with your pet. If you love your car, or your home, more than you love another vehicle or property, you have a special relationships with your car or home. If you love this piece of clothing more than this other piece, you have a special relationship with that article of clothing. The same for books, music, etc.

Our lives are filled with special relationships.

These are all illusions to be forgiven.

In God’s thought system, we are all One – all whole, all perfect, all complete and all-encompassing Love. No one of us is more special than the other. It is the ego’s thought system that wants to be different, that wants itself to be special, that wants to be loved more than another. But to do that, the Oneness of God had to be split into sections, each one different than the others, in order for any one part to be special. This is an illusion.

God’s Will is God’s Will, and nothing can go against it. God Willed us to be One with God, whole, prefect and complete. Any thought that we are less than One, less than perfect, less than whole and less than complete is nothing more than a thought – an illusion made up by the ego’s thought system, and completely false. It’s nothing more than an illusion to be forgiven.

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