Chapter 15, A Course In Miracles

Titled The Holy Instant, Chapter 15 discusses the moment in time when all judgment is suspended and we are One with God again, even if just for that moment. Where the ego uses moments of time to teach that you are a limited ego-body, the Holy Spirit uses the Holy Instant of time to teach you the thought system that will restore you to God.

In our belief that we are limited ego-bodies, we form special relationships with other limited ego-bodies, instead of a close relationship with God. In these ego-body relationships we constantly try to get our way. Even when we do find a happy relationship, the body always dies and the relationship is gone. This has been a needless sacrifice of our happiness.

We cannot be truly happy unless we are One with God again as there is no love that can compare to God’s Love, even in the happiest of special relationships. By deciding for the dream of limited ego-bodies, we have sacrificed the happiness we would have experienced if we had remained One with God.

Chapter 15 again points out the differences between the two incompatible thought systems; God’s thought system or the ego’s; and the choice you have to make between the two. God’s thought system brings you happiness beyond measure, and the ego’s thought system brings you more guilt, anger and rejection.

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