An Open Ego

When people talk about enlightenment, it seems treated as if it is an either/or situation – either you are enlightened, or you are not. That’s true, to a point. That ignores the very real spiritual work people do to get to the point where it’s only a final step into enlightenment.

If you think of it as a continuum, from ‘never heard of enlightenment and who cares‘ at one end, to ‘enlightened‘ on the other, what about the points in between those two extremes?

I think of the continuum between the two points as a steadily opening ego, as you move along the line towards the enlightenment end point.

Without spending too much time on what an ego is, and how to let it go, this show looks at the characteristics of someone with a relatively open ego – not enlightened, but open. The ego of a serious spiritual student, who has spent time and energy deliberately moving towards enlightenment.

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