Station Update for November 1, 2018

Hi everyone, we’re back with another update on new shows coming on to the air. We’ve taken in even more volunteers and currently getting them trained up and on the air. You’ll see some great new international programming coming in, plus some new live programming for Sunday morning coming very soon!

New programs:

Punjabi Nonstop – Punjabi with Rohan – Mondays 1-2 PM.
African Rhythms – African with Belinda – Mondays 9-10 PM.
West99 – African with Nathan – Wednesdays Noon-1 PM.
Akatuki – Japanese with Mio – Thursdays 1-2 PM.
A Warm Welcome – Filipino with Elymore – Fridays 1-2 PM.
Feel Love in a Different Language – Bangla with Joy, Sadia and Moumita – Fridays 7-8 PM.

Thanks and keep tuning in!

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