A Course In Miracles, Chapter 14

Chapter 14 is titled Teaching for Truth.

The truth is that we are blessed, but we tend to deny that and focus on our problems instead. By doing this, we focus on how flawed we are. If we truly thought that we are as God created us; whole, perfect and complete, we wouldn’t have any problems!

As we are sure that we know that we are not whole, perfect and complete we must therefore be flawed. There is the start of our guilt – we are not perfect, or so the ego would have us believe.  

This guilt underlies our entire lives, and interferes with our happiness and our spiritual connection. How can we believe that we will go to heaven (Christianity term) if we are not good people, or at least, good enough for heaven? So now fear of what happens after our death has been added to the guilt of not being good enough in our lives.

ACIM turns this upside down. When we realize that we are as God created us (whole, perfect, complete love) the guilt is gone and we are able to freely connect with God.

The decision made by the ego that we are flawed is so insane that chapter 14 tells us that we are not qualified to make any decisions with the ego; that we should instead ask the Holy Spirit for guidance on all decisions. To do this, we need to willingly share all our perceptions in this world with the Holy Spirit, so that the Holy Spirit can work with everything going on in our lives. By doing this, we acknowledge that trusting the ego has not worked well for us; that we are in need of guidance, and that we cannot know enough about everything that goes on in the world to make a valid decision in the best interests of all. We then rely on the Holy Spirit to help us make decisions that are in the best interests of all, which includes ourselves.

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