Collision with the Infinite

Written by Suzanne Segal, Collision with the Infinite is a wonderful account of the experience of no-self, often called enlightenment. Unlike most descriptions of enlightenment, Suzanne spent more than 12 years in fear. 

Comparing her experience to the teaching of Dr. David R Hawkins and Adyashanti, it appears that Suzanne could have spent those 12 years in what is classically called the Void, although it could have been that the mind/ego still had enough power to frighten her badly with its attempts to take over the being known as Suzanne. 

Yes, the wording there is clumsy, but how do you describe no-self with the mind of the body trying to make the no-self back over, to make itself a ‘self’ again?

Personally, I was thrilled to find a detailed personal account of the experience of no-self. Adyashanti seldom touches on the subject. Hawkins frequency does, but his description is rather dry and generalized. Suzanne made the experience real.

Born in 1955 and passing away in 1997, Suzanne originally decided that her condition must be a mental health disorder, later diagnosed by several different therapists but later was also told by spiritual leaders that she was having a spiritual experience. Her years of anxiety and fear finally gave way into a deeper experience of enlightenment, where she was literally “driving through herself.” She went from a ‘no-self’ experience into the experience of ‘all-self.’

To quote:

“The infinite emptiness I knew myself to be was now apparent as the infinite substance of everything I saw.”

Questions remained after Suzanne’s death as to whether she had experienced depersonalization disorder or had become enlightened.

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