What is the Self?

Exactly what or who is the true self?

WHO AM I? Ramona Maharishi suggested that we continually ask ourselves this question.

Dr. David R. Hawkins suggested that we amend the question to WHAT AM I? His thoughts were that asking WHO we were limited us to a being, where WHAT am I opened us up to the possibility of not even being a ‘being’, but pure consciousness.

Adyashanti has posted a talk on a similar question – Who, or what, is the self?  

Stop and look inside. Can you find your ‘self’ anywhere at all? Isn’t it a rather elusive thing?

It might be easier to stop and look at what your true self can’t be. It can’t be any of the roles you play – dedicated mother, snappy, fast charging executive, or loving pet owner. These roles can even make you appear to be different people in different situations. If none of them hold true for all time, they can’t be your true self.

Often, when people talk about finding their true self, they really mean their deepest values or the deepest parts of their personality. These too can change with time. If it changes, it can’t be truth. Truth is truth – always true.

So what is your true self? When you look inside, you may not find anything at all. Adyashanti asks who or what experiences an emotion. Is there something you can find, inside what you think of as yourself, that experiences emotions or thoughts? That never changes and so is always there?

It isn’t your personality or your ego – both those change with time. 

Is it your consciousness that is your true self?

To hear the show replay, go here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/undotheego/CEE_What_Is_The_Self_Oct_9_2018.mp3