Be In The Present Moment

Eckhart Tolle says to “Be here now.” Most people don’t know how to do this! The emotions of the present moment tend to pull us into the thoughts of the ego. The ego focuses mostly on using the past to predict the present and what might happen in the future, rather than just experiencing this present moment.

The ‘pull’ from the ego can be resisted with some training. Meditation is particularly useful training, as it teaches you to observe your thoughts. This skill will help you stay present as you will be able to observe when the ego has pulled you out of the present moment. You will also be able to watch the emotions rather than react to them.

To be in the present moment takes not only this constant ‘watching’ of the mind and emotions but also an ongoing decision to both keep watching the moment and not be pulled around by the thoughts, emotions or ego. It’s easy to get hooked by the ego into the past or future.

There are some techniques that can help you to stay in the present moment other than mediation. Some are briefly covered in the show.

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