Craft Beer and Tunes Highlight Summer’s End at Brewloops on the Shore

The Fourth Annual North Shore block party by BrewLoops was held on September 28th and 29th with craft beer, food trucks, bands, DJ’s, a ferris wheel and more on the North Shore of Kamloops.


I attended the Saturday September 29th evening. I enjoyed tasting a variety of delicious, craft beers from brewers throughout British Columbia, but I was mainly there for the music. The musicians for the event were chosen by JP Lancaster’s Factotum CO and were of a very, high caliber. On the Main Stage Abby Wale and her band opened the evening, followed by Jackson (Marshall) and the Jims and the headliners Yukon Blonde. Between sets a DJ handled the musical ambience and had some of the patrons showing off their moves. Stage B was held down by Deep In Roots / Exis Perellis, two acts led by Graham How. They performed over a beautifully, intricate background soundscape with electronic, jazz and world music influences and added their personal touches to the final product. Exis Perellis consisted of Shevani Nall on stirring vocals and interpretive dance, while Graham How played amazing trumpet and managed the soundtrack.



Deep in Roots consisted of Jon Treichel on a variety of guitars, including a lap steel, Kira Haug’s gorgeous vocals, and How, once again playing his trumpet in rarified air and managing the soundtrack.



On the Main Stage Abby Wale and her group opened the evening with her set of original music. Most songs were generally upbeat in tempo and lyrics influenced by emotional situations. Wale sings, composes and plays guitar. She also had Kris Ruston on keyboards and vocals, Jackson Marshall on bass,  Stuart McCallum on guitar and Liam Befurt on drums and vocals.



DSCN6403close up


Next up was the trio of Jackson Marshall and the Jims. This band consisted of Jackson Marshall on guitar, Emilio Pagnotta on bass and Sean Schneider on drums. They flew through a high energy set of mainly original songs, with wailing guitars and hot drum solos.


Lastly, Yukon Blonde, the headliners, played a polished set of indie rock treasures. They are originally from Kelowna and presently sit high on the CFBX charts with their new album Critical Hit.


The gleeful, dancing crowd packed the band area to end another successful BrewLoops event.