Blues School with Williams, Wayne & Isaak

Ray Nyuli introducing the show.

Ray Nyuli’s Entertainment Management group picked up a show when a cancellation appeared on the itinerary of the trio Williams, Wayne & Isaak. The show took place at the Kamloops United Church on Friday, September 28th. This trio proved to be very,  talented and knowledgeable blues musicians.


Williams, Wayne & Isaak

Tim Williams, Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne and Brandon Isaak played an acoustic evening of blues before an attentive audience. Tim Williams, on guitars and vocals, spoke about the history of his instruments, how certain songs came about and his travels throughout North America, playing the blues.


Tim Williams

Kenny Wayne, on piano and vocals, did more of a show and tell, regaling the audience with stories from his youth, playing music for choir groups in churches, and how certain songs evolved from modest choir pieces to wilder rock ‘n’ roll and blues standards.


Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne

For his part, Brandon Isaak played harmonicas, guitar, percussion, vocals and chatted amiably with the audience.


The trio alternated back and forth, with each choosing a song to lead. While the three appeared to have little in common, they meshed beautifully in their chosen musical form “the Blues.”


The next blues show, put on by Entertainment Management, will be be, blues star Guy Davis with Fabrizio Poggi to the Pavilion Theatre on Oct 9, 2018.