David Hawkins – Responsibility for Our Thoughts

This show is the first in a series of summaries of the teachings of Dr. David R. Hawkins.

Taking responsibility for our thoughts and our egos is central to Hawkins’ teachings. The show starts with a truly appropriate Alan Watts quote (with plenty of Hawkins’ quotes throughout the show.)

“Ultimately, happiness comes down to choosing between the discomfort of becoming aware of your mental afflictions or the discomfort of being ruled by them.”

This is your choice: to take responsibility for your thoughts and your ego and to release them in the process, or to be ruled by your thoughts and ego. (This is an amazing and novel concept to many people, who believe that their thoughts just ‘are’, and are not controllable or even to be evaluated.) You can wait for enlightenment to suddenly arrive while being ruled by your thoughts and the ego – it has happened. The discomfort of having your happiness thrown around by an unruly mind and ego can be so intense that it drives you into enlightenment. (Eckhart Tolle comes to mind.)

Others choose to work towards enlightenment. It’s not necessarily easy to confront your thoughts and ego but it leads to greater happiness and peace, even without enlightenment In taking responsibility for your ego, you look at and evaluate the programming you have received from society. This means continually watching your mind and emotions for your reactions, especially to hot button issues such as politics, sex, religion, your finances, and your relationships.  Your ego will be on full display and available for your evaluation.

In seeing the thoughts and your ego, you can make new choices. You can continue with your old way of thinking, or choose to release the past and come into a new way of being, with less of an ego and more happiness.

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