A Course In Miracles, Chapter 12

The Sanity of Love is the title of this chapter, which focuses on making the choice between the sanity (and reality) of God’s love vs. our choice for the ego and what we currently call ‘reality.’ This chapter could also have aptly been named A Call For Love.

The ego continually choses attack and fear, which are (in the language of the Course) “but calls for love.” God’s love is the love that is being called for, expressed through us by making the connection to God with our choice for God over the ego, and then acting with that love in this world.

If (often) we choose the ego, we choose our current reality over the reality of the love that could be ours if we had made the choice for love.

The reality of God’s love and the current reality are two very different worlds for every student I have talked with about the Course. The idea of a world of God’s love seems to be a concept of some far off heaven, virtually unattainable, even though the Course says it can be here and now. To me, this idea of a transcendent Heaven makes the choice for a different reality (of God’s love and Heaven) seem unattainable.

I am beginning to be very thankful for my wide background of readings in both old and new texts about enlightenment and how to become enlightened. In those texts, enlightenment is attainable.

I’ve really struggled with A Course In Miracles in trying to move past the Christian language. (Although it’s questionable if the Course is Christian in any sense of current Christianity.) It’s been just as hard to work through the archaic language style. Yet in this chapter, and especially in the next few Chapters, I’ve been able to see how the Course is talking about what we call enlightenment, albeit in terms of salvation. That makes the Heaven the Course talks about seem attainable.

This will be the topic of an upcoming show in the next few weeks.

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