What People Don’t Understand

About modern-age spirituality!

Your hear it… All is One, Love is All There Is, and more – but what does it really mean? What do people NOT understand about modern-age spirituality?

There is a lot more to be said than what is covered in this show. In choosing what to talk about, I tried for the questions that are most often asked of me, or that I end up explaining as the needed background behind concepts. A second set of topics could have been chosen just as easily.

A short list of topics quickly covered in this show:

  1. As Spirit, you are invulnerable (many people simply cannot comprehend this concept.)
  2. Your innermost spirit is love.
  3. Moving into and out of the ego is part if the usual spiritual development.
  4. Your thoughts are meaningless, once you have grasped some deeper concepts of spirituality such as being ego-less.
  5. Spirituality isn’t about getting a better experience in this physical world (again, deeply misunderstood.)
  6. We have to choose between the world (and thoughts) we have, and a deeper world – we move towards that deeper world with our thoughts and actions – walking your talk.
  7. What forgiveness really is.
  8. Your Creator is the Source from which you came – the spark of life behind everything.
  9. You’ll need to stay aware of the possible choices in front of you; between the spiritual and the physical at all times – you choose life force over the body; spirit over the physical world.
  10. Choosing the spiritual does not mean covering up personal issues with false spirituality – words, but not actions.

There is so much more that could be said – perhaps in another show.

The show replay is here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/undotheego/CEE_What_people_dont_understand_Sept_11_2018.mp3