Chapter 11, ACIM

Chapter 11 is well-titled, God or the Ego.  ACIM has been very clear that we face this choice, every single moment of every day. Over and over, we have to consciously choose either God or the ego until such time as we are raised into Heaven.

While that’s a very Christian interpretation – at least the part that says salvation takes place  and God raises us into Heaven – it’s very similar to other teachings that also say that we have to choose how we think/act, and that the final step of spiritual enlightenment is not under our control.  The message is similar; the wording is different.

It’s not only our choice to choose for God or the ego each moment. How we look on others determines what we see reflected back to us. We can see others as also part of God – whole, perfect, complete love shining back at us – or we can choose to use the ego’s viewpoint of fear and scarcity.

Chapter 11 doesn’t so much help us to make the choice as show us that first we have a choice and encourage us to choose God.

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