Yale County Jug Band Album Release Party

With the summer coming to an end, it is time to review some of the more interesting musical events attended this summer. On July 28th the Yale County Jug Band had their album release party for their self-titled album at the Sandbar. They performed outside on the patio overlooking the Thompson River, with the bluffs of south Kamloops in the background. DSCN5429

They played selections from their new album and it was very, well received by the patrons of the Sandbar and CD sales were brisk. Breaks gave the band time to socialize with friends and autograph CDs.

yale cjb cover

This album contains songs that are all stories and I, and a couple of other friends, found that in later days we were listening to the CD and following the stories with the words on the CD cover. While all the songs were well received, my mind kept going back to Brianna and Big House. One thing that is unique about the YCJB is that everyone in the band sings and there are some great harmonies. Of course the lead vocals of Gerry Sherk and Marie Jackson tell the main stories and belt out most of the tunes.


Gerry Sherk and Marie Jackson

The Yale County Jug Band CD release party was a great success, with great tunes, a few drinks and a busy dance floor.


For information on purchasing a CD check out their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Yale-County-Jug-Band-1644724989163714/ and also on Spotify.

 Kelly Bartsch, bass, Keith Elliot, washboard, Justin Bentley, guitar