An Interview with Barb Hembling, ACIM Teacher

Barb Hembling is almost a fixture in the Kamloops area as A Course In Miracles study group leader. While Barb doesn’t call herself an ‘expert’ on A Course In Miracles, she is well regarded locally as a teacher and has led many groups. I first became aware of her work in about 2006, and 12 years later, Barb is still leading groups and explaining what she knows of ACIM. 

As most of us have, Barb first studied the Foundation of Inner Peace edition of ACIM and in her own studies, worked with a teacher who became involved in the Circle of Atonement. 

Robert Perry, from the Circle of Atonement, has led the development of a new edition of ACIM by going back into the original handwritten notes of Helen Schumann, who transcribed the Course from inner dictation. Barb now leads groups using this edition of ACIM.

Join us as Barb describes her own journey and development as a serious student of ACIM.


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