Summarizing Chapter Nine of A Course In Miracles

Titled The Plan of Forgiveness in the Circle of Atonement edition of A Course In Miracles, Chapter Nine starts off (in Section 1) with Asking For What You Want. It then clearly states that we don’t know what we want.

At least in ACIM terms, we don’t know what we want. The Course tells us that we think we want worldly success when in actuality, what we want is to be home with God. It’s our ego that wants the things of the world while our spirit really wants the world we could be living in, if we came home to God. We make the ego’s requests as prayers, and then wonder why we haven’t received our request. It seems that our prayers are not answered, when if we had asked for what we really wanted, our prayers would have been answered.

If what we really want is to be one with God, how do we get there? Through forgiveness. We find our answer through the forgiveness of our siblings (what the Course calls our brothers, or Sons of God). First we realize that how we treat our siblings is how we really treat ourselves (as we are One, our sibling is really our own self.) We do this by overlooking error in our siblings, rather than first seeing it and then forgiving it – we just don’t see the error. We see our sibling as a shining example of a Son of God rather than the error. This leaves nothing to forgive.

As we treat others in this fashion, their response to us changes – teaching us that we too are the children of God. Our siblings act as witnesses for us. This contrasts with the way we usually seek enlightenment: we try to change ourselves so that we see others differently. ACIM tells us very clearly that we see others differently first, and then we will see ourselves differently.


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