Farm Fest 2018, the Little Kamloops Festival That Could

On July 7, the 2018 edition of Farm Fest, was held at the Duck Hill Cattle Company in Barnhartvale.


This semi-private festival boasted eleven acts and ran from 2 PM until midnight on a mostly grey day. The weather didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the musicians or fans. Some of the local acts appearing included Emilio Pagnotta, At Mission Dolores, and the Kris Ruston Trio plus Jackson Marshall.


                           Emilio Pagnotta                                                At Mission Dolores

Organizers Caitlin and Mallory Johnson were part of Folk Sandwich and Mallory Johnson is part of Sweater Kittens, which also appeared at the festival.


Desiree Dunbar & Jared Wilman of the Kris Ruston Trio   Folk Sandwich

Saltwater Hank sang of the perils of tree planting  and five other bands including The Decoys were scheduled for the evening. Like larger festivals there were food trucks on site, a merch tent, camping available and a stage with great sight lines. Good music, good food, and good people made for fun times at this gem of a festival near Kamloops, BC.


                                Kris Ruston                                           Saltwater Hank

Caitlin Johnson                           Food truck (bus) and merch tent