Dr. David R. Hawkins – Levels of Consciousness

Dr. David R. Hawkins was an American spiritual teacher and psychiatrist. Born in 1927 and passed away in 2013, he left behind an enormous number of books, audios and videos on spirituality. He claimed his greatest achievement was the development of a means to instantly determine the consciousness of anything. His research led into the development of what is commonly called a Map of Consciousness or the Scale of Consciousness – basically a map of the various levels of consciousness.

The words ‘levels’, ‘scale’ and ‘map’ often have people believing that one level must be higher or better than another level. Hawkins always said that each level was simply a perfect example of a type of consciousness and that one is not better than another. The scale is logarithmic, so the increase in power from each level to another is enormous, and the difference between levels grows as the levels go higher.

Today’s show is a quick discussion of the levels 20 through 400, with much of the information taken from the book Power vs. Force, written by Dr. Hawkins in 2002.

To adequately cover just the Levels of Consciousness, we will need at least one more show and possibly two, so watch for those shows in the future. They will be mixed in with other shows.

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