Teachings of Adyashanti

Adyashanti is a modern-day teacher of enlightenment. Born Stephen Gray in 1962, he experienced enlightenment at quite a young age. Adya has published a number of books, audios and videos, which cover his teachings in many different ways. For instance, “Falling Into Grace” and “The End of Your World” approach enlightenment from two very different angles.

I’ve often wondered if there was a source that would present his teachings quite simply. While I downloaded his free ebook years ago, The Way of Liberation, I didn’t find it all that helpful – useful, but without some practical help.  Subtitled, A Practical Guide To Spiritual Enlightenment, the introduction includes these words:

“I have left clues to realizing the Reality throughout this entire book, from the first page to the last. Do not assume that the most important elements of this teaching are easy to spot or clearly emphasized. They are woven into this book as threads are woven into fabric, easy to miss if you do not have eyes to see or the sincerity to understand. This is not because I want to be obscure – I do everything I can to notbe obscure – but because Truth is not something that can be truly and deeply understood by having it spoon-fed to you.”

When reading the book, I looked for those clues diligently and yet still wondered if I had understood the sum of his teachings. Perhaps there was more and I had missed it? I went on to follow some of his other publications and have gained a great deal from those. He doesn’t give absolute instructions such as “Meditate three times daily!” which others teachers might do, yet his work (at least for me) has been helpful.

When I saw that Adya had published a series of three videos on youtube, which summarize his teachings, I thought that this would be a way to check on my understanding of his teachings. This show is a summary of these three videos.

Watch all three videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhdFmgb5xYg.

His free ebook, The Way of Liberation, is available here: http://www.adyashanti.org/wayofliberation/

To hear the show replay, click here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/undotheego/CEE2_Teachings_of_Adyashanti_July_24_2018.mp3