Woolworm, Indications and Outpatient at Zack’s

Zacks Coffee again played host to some loud independent artists, with two bands coming up from Vancouver for a night of music.


The night started out with local band Outpatient, who have a brash and loud sound. Reminiscent of early 90s grunge, they draw comparison to bands like Hole or Babes in Toyland. This is a young band still finding its sound, and they seemed a bit ragged in their short set.


Vancouver’s Indications played next, with a set of fast and tight punk-infused rock. Like Outpatient, they had a solid grunge feel to them, but more on the commercial side of the era, like Stone Temple Pilots or Candlebox. They attacked with two loud guitars working in harmony with each other, with super tight breaks and transitions. They even inspired a brief mosh pit in the middle of the coffeehouse. If you liked the music of the late 90s in rock radio, then this band will definitely be up your alley.


Vancouver’s Woolworm are becoming a real band to watch in Canadian post-punk. Their last album, Deserve to Die, was their first on the long-running Mint Records and a solid full length debut. Now a quartet, the band churned out a relatively short set of noisy, moody guitar-based post punk. They ran the crowd up past 11 PM with their noisy drones. Solid set from this up and coming band.