A Course In Miracles, Chapter 8

The initial few chapters of this chapter focused on:

  • The Undivided Will To Heal (aligning your will with God’s)
  • The Holy Encounter (seeing God in everyone you see)
  • The Freedom of Will (re-affirming that your will is free)

To summarize these three in only a few words; when you align your will with God, you see everyone as part of yourself and God, and that it is your choice alone to do this – God will not force you.

Continuing with sections three, four and five, sickness is healed by healing the separation between God and his Children. What you seek against another you have sought against yourself, and that the Glory of God is available to you when you join with God. We are the treasure of God; and we made neither our function nor ourselves.

Sounds much like many of the other chapters, doesn’t it? Yet the next few sections developed some new ideas.

The ego thinks that we are bodies – that when any form of attack enters the mind, we decide that we are a body. The attack in our mind does not have to be physical or even verbal – just the thought that we would like something that someone else has is an attack. (Robert Perry, in his commentary, brings up the idea that we go through life as if it is a supermarket, with the shelves filled with what other people have, and we fill our cart from what they have. Ouch.)

In the Law of God noted in other sections as well as this one, how we see another is how we feel about ourselves. If we see others as ‘attack-able’ we see ourselves the same way. To do this, you have to have decided that you are a body.

We use sickness as a false witness – to prove that we are bodies. It seems obvious that if you can be hurt or injured, you are not invulnerable and living forever as God says we do. The ego uses our belief that we are our bodies, to deny God.

All forms of sickness, even death, are physical expressions of the fear of awakening to what we are – One with God. For those spiritual seekers who have trained, practiced and studied to move towards enlightenment, these words might be a shock, to say the least. Even thought I have read the Course multiple times, this section never hit home until now. Of all the times I have read those words, I somehow did not remember them! Sounds like the ego in action – refusing to accept words placed in front of its nose.

When you look at those around you, even those who are sick, the Course guides you to instead of seeing a sick body, to see the God within instead – this includes yourself.

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