The Shape of Jams to Come, with An Ant and an Atom and Alder and Ash

The Shape of Jams to come is a monthly jazz jam at Zack’s Coffee House in downtown Kamloops. On Thursday, July 5th, the jam night hosted two special guests, Lethbridge, Alberta’s experimental/ambient electronic artist An Ant and an Atom, and Montreal’s classical/doom artist Alder and Ash.

jam 1

After a couple of short jams with drums, guitar and bass, Sean Warkentine, the artist behind An Ant and an Atom took the stage with his set up of computer and electronic sequencer, with Sean playing the samplers and sequencer almost like a keyboard. His music was a dense and noisy mix of electronics, vocal samples and feedback, which took the form of one extended 20-minute song. Sean rarely looked up from his instruments, working intently to find the sound he wanted, manipulating more than 20 different sound sources into his music.

ant perform

While a computer issue prevented Adrian Copeland from performing as Alder and Ash, he instead worked with Sean to improvise on the spot. Working first from Adrian’s cello and effects pedals, Sean sampled the cello’s sound into his equipment and looped it back to accent the live cello, then added electronic and noise elements. Adrian added offbeat playing of the cello into the mix, strumming it like a guitar, and bowing it in Philip Glass-style quick, repetitive bursts. They spend about 25 minutes building an intriguing, droning sonic mix of classical, electronic and noise.

ant improv

The local musicians returned with a live improv jam, with an impromtu six piece jam band coming together with two guitars, a bass guitar, drums, piano and trumpet. They jammed for about 20 minutes, forming mostly around the two guitars and trumpet, then did another 10 minute jam with mostly guitars, bass and drums leading the way.