I Brake For Butterflies

Stages of Spirituality: I Brake for Butterflies

Written by Judith Campbell, I Brake For Butterflies includes an interesting assessment of the stages of spirituality. She identifies five distinct stages as we develop spiritually.

It’s also interesting that many religions don’t acknowledge any stages of spirituality. Instead religions offer a set of teaching that basically say, “Do this, and you will get into heaven.” Are only the non-religious able to follow, or see, the path outlined by Campbell (and many others)?

While it’s an intriguing question, this show focuses on the five stages of spirituality as set out by Judith Campbell.

The show replay is here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/undotheego/CEE2_I_Brake_for_Butterflies_stages_of_spirituality_June_19_2018.mp3