A Course In Miracles, Chapter Seven

Summarizing Chapter Seven of A Course In Miracles, titled Extension of the Kingdom was a lot of fun and some serious learning. The law, Teach Only Love, has been rephrased again as What You Extend Is Real For you.

We learn what we are from what we extend to others (which is what we are teaching, to ourselves and others.) This chapter makes it clear that what we see in others is a reflection of what we see in ourselves – and that it cannot be any other way than this.

Because we are all One, if you see flaws in another, you see flaws in yourself. How you see others – perhaps with compassion, or perhaps with criticism – is how you see yourself. Even more, what you express outwardly is then reinforced in you – so if you express criticism of others, you reinforce the criticism of yourself and also the concept of separation from others.

It doesn’t take criticism of another to reinforce separation. If we compete with others, or even just see someone as having less or more ability than ourselves, we are still seeing (and reinforcing) that the world is separate and fragmented. When we use our abilities for the betterment of all, then we are behaving (and reinforcing) that we see the world as One.

Also covered is the concept of the “split mind”. In his Circle of Atonement commentary, Robert Perry points out that having a split mind is like having Donald Trump as leader of the Green Party – we just can’t operate in a clear fashion when our mind is split between two such very diverse directions. Your mind is split when in one minute, you express love and in the next, you correct that same person.

The split mind has been holding us back from knowing God. To see and to know God, see the world as One – which means that each and everyone of us is also God, to the exact same degree as the other.

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