Powered by Source

What really supports you in this life? What is the most basic underlying energy that keeps you operational in this life? That life force within you! You didn’t make it. You personally, at least consciously, don’t have the intelligence to keep your cells renewing themselves and your organs doing what they do. Is it your unconscious brain that runs all that? Who or what told the brain how to make itself? Where does this life force within you come from? Is this life force actually Source?

ACIM repeatedly mentions that we did not make ourselves. What really makes us? Biologically speaking, a sperm and an egg made us. But what powers that sperm and egg? What is life force? Is it not life force that is really the power behind us?

How does an acorn know to become a mighty oak tree? It seems to be the life force within that is the real cause, or Source of the existence of anything that lives. Is that life force actually what we call God?

Listen to the show replay here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/undotheego/CEE_Powered_by_Source_Apr_10_2018.mp3


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