Enlightenment for Lazy People – Book Review

Written by Paul Smit, Enlightenment for Lazy People bills itself as a way for Lazy People to quickly reach enlightenment without much effort. It presents some theories around enlightenment but will clearly not enlighten you by itself, or even by focusing on the information offered.

Knowledge can be quite helpful. Personally, I have found that the knowledge I have gained about what the ego is and some ways to reduce the ego useful. Did I find this book useful? Not particularly. That’s not to say that it wouldn’t be helpful for anyone. I can see someone new to the concept of enlightenment finding it useful. The book itself states that enlightenment is a natural process, and many people think that we have to “work” our way into enlightenment.

To summarize the whole book – as it does itself – is this one direct quote:

The only thing discussed in this book is one insight – the insight that life is controlling you instead of you controlling life.

The book also points out that the only thing stopping us from being enlightened right now is that your brain is filled with false presumptions. It works its way through non-duality and offers an interesting way to consider life as a movie.

The book also covers free will (it doesn’t exist); the ego (yes, it does exist or seems to); and why duality exists (or seems to.)

It’s worth a read. Only 35 pages long and available online! Find it here: http://www.a-dvaita.nl/ebook/PaulSmit_Enlightenment.pdf

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