A Course In Miracles Chapter 3

A Course In Miracles, Chapter 3: Innocent or Sane Perception

Chapter 3 leads us into an important topic – our perception of our world. If we were using sane or innocent perception (the two main versions of ACIM title this chapter are either Sane Perception or Innocent Perception) then we are thinking as closely to how God thinks as perception allows.

Perception is not the same as knowing. When you know (or God knows) there is no room for doubt because your thinking is completely accurate. Perception, which is seeing with the senses/mind, can allow for many variations. If you have ever found yourself thinking one way about a situation and then discovered that you were completely wrong, then you know how badly perception can lead you astray.

We decide that something or someone is one way, and then build all of our succeeding thinking on that first thought – and sometimes we find that our first thought was just plain incorrect. Our perception is wrong because it is based on an initial fallacy.

The ego has two main fallacies: our belief that we made ourselves and the concept that we could actually separate from God.

Both these fallacies are incorrect, and therefore every other thought we have, based on these first two thoughts, is also incorrect.

If we are able to perceive correctly, using right-mindedness then we think with those first two fallacies corrected. We realize that we could never separate from God and that we did not make ourselves. We then realize that in not separating from God, we are not separate from others either, leading into the concept that we are not separate from our siblings.

This is God’s knowledge. We are not separate, could never separate, and are still as God created us: whole, perfect and complete. Our perception that we could change what God created is false or insane perception.

When we use true perception (sane, or innocent perception) we think like God and see others as ourselves and as whole, complete and innocent as God created us.

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