The Shape of Jams to Come at Zack’s

emilio jared jackson

Emilio Pagnotta drums, Jared Doherty guitar, Jackson Marshal guitar


On the first Thursday of every month Zack’s Coffees Teas & Gifts downtown hosts The Shape of Jams to Come. It is more or less a jazz jam, but a variety of sounds can be heard coming from the musicians that show up. This night they took a turn on numerous instruments each. For the April edition of this event music was provided by Jackson Marshall on guitars and keyboards, Jared Doherty guitars, keyboards and drums,

Jared Doherty guitar, Jackson Marshall guitar

Emilio Pagnotta guitars, keyboards and drums and Daryl Sharp drums and bass guitar. The featured guitarists took turns on lead and left room for the other musicians to solo if they saw fit to so. Sharp did a nice job of adapting the kit and using his sticks to get a quieter drum sound in the absence of brushes.

Daryl Sharp drums, Jackson Marshall guitar, Emilio Pagnotta guitar, Jared Doherty keyboards.

On this rainy, April night the musicians provided an enjoyable evening of improvised music and Zacks provided a pleasant ambience in the heart of Downtown Kamloops.