Edges of Spirituality

Consciousness, Ego and Enlightenment – March 6, 2018

What is spiritual and what is not? Of course ‘spiritual’ means different things to different people. There must be as many different spiritual paths as there are people. Some choose religion; some choose to have nothing to do with any organization, and some choose various aspects of fortune telling, such as tea-leaf reading or astrology charts. Some explore past lives and reincarnation. Some go astral traveling, enjoy out of body experiences, and some are deeply changed by near-death experiences.

Spirituality could be called the ways  in which individuals seek to understand a universe bigger than they are and to make contact with the Divine. Spirituality could just as easily be called many other things, such as the desire to be One with the Universe. Death or severe life circumstances seem to bring out the desire for this contact or experience of One-ness.

Under impending death, does it not make sense to ask if there is something deeper than this lifetime? Is there something more than just living out life as it shows up? Researchers have been able to induce impressive religious or spiritual experiences by the use of large magnets or magnetic stimulation of the brain (in the correct spots only). Does this mean that there is no such thing as the Divine? Is it just a brain-spasm? Why is it that the world has things like natural disasters? Is there a God that punishes us for bad behavior? Or are those events just random?

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