International Days and Women’s Day Programming

Thursday, March 8th is International Women’s Day and CFBX is celebrating with special programming during this coming week. Already signed up for special programming with all women’s music are:

Blues, Boogie and Bop – Blues with Vince – Tuesday 4-5 PM
Jazz Notes – Jazz With Jim – Wednesday 5-7 PM
Do Not Touch This Amp – Experimental with Steve – Fridays 8-9 PM

More to come, we’ll keep it updated as it comes

We’re also celebrating International Days at TRU this week. We’ll be doing a number of special highlights on our international programming. Check out these shows for an international flair:

Panorama Italiano – Monday 8-9 AM
Chinese Eyes – Monday 1-2 PM
Radio Goethe – Monday 10-11 PM
Hear the World – Tuesday 7-8 AM
Rick Around the World – Tuesday 5-7 PM
Afro Beats Today – Tuesday 7-8 PM
Putumayo World Music Hour – Wednesday 7-8 AM
This is Africa – Wednesday Noon-1 PM
Hear the World – Thursday 8-9 AM
Sound of Africa – Thursay 9-10 PM
Rendez Vous de la Francophonie – Friday 3-4 PM
Putumayo World Music Hour – Saturday 9-10 AM
Bollywood Love Hour – Saturday 6-7 PM
Radio Goethe – Saturday 9-10 PM
Rendez Vous de la Francophonie – Sunday 9-10 AM
Ani-Made in Japan – Sunday 2-4 PM
Area 51 – Sunday 5-6 PM