CONNECTIONS:The Art of Storytelling

Phase three of this CFBX project, which started in 2016, involves the creation of a video documentary about the fifty year history of the Kamloops Arts Council. The executive director, Kathy Sinclair, heard of our work and commissioned the team to produce and deliver a documentary film by March 7th. It has been an extremely steep learning curve. We are working hard with Fred Semeniuk of SHAW TV filming, editing, adding voice overs and music to present a remarkable product. At the same time, in Makerspace, the volunteers and service learning students are working on a timeline/mural that introduces an interesting perspective on the creation of art in the moment; as a lived time shared experience. This week will be spent putting the final touches on the film and sending it to the KAC via youtube link. Exciting times…. will keep you posted.

Mike Weddell-Project Coordinator