Gratitude and the Support of the World

Consciousness, Ego & Enlightenment Feb. 27, 2018

Building on the concept of “Nothing Causes Anything”, we take this out to see how many people and things are involved in something even as simple as your morning cup of coffee. Ever thought about that? Where does your coffee come from; how many people did it take to produce the beans, get that coffee to you, and what about the mug, the water, the electricity to heat the water, and more? Have you looked at the inter-linking of everyone and everything needed for you to have a morning cup of java?

When you do look at everyone involved – which seems almost impossible, as there are so many factors – can you also see that each of these people, in their own way, are supporting you in having that coffee?

Sure, they are getting paid (or we hope they are.) Does that mean you cannot say thanks to everyone involved?

Working through this process can pull you out of annoyance or anger! Listen as considering it pulled the show host out of annoyance over TRU parking issues.

Email if you would like a worksheet with an example of the process.

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