Chapter One of A Course In Miracles

Summary of Chapter 1, A Course in Miracles (ACIM) on Consciousness, Ego & Enlightenment

Fifty miracle principles – wow. Many accompanied by multiple paragraphs of explanation. Is it even possible to shorten this into just one radio show? Only with some big generalizations! The usual definition of a miracle is “an extraordinary event which is Divine intervention in human affairs.”

The fifty miracle principles all emphasize that the miracle is about love: Divine love, flowing through you, out into the world and other people. Miracles are expressions of love, from Source (what many people would call ‘God’.) The very first principle is that there is no order of difficulty in miracles – one is not harder than another.

This goes against physical science, which tells us that some things are harder to do than others. Looking at the common definition of ‘miracle’ you can conclude that Divine intervention overrides the laws of physics and once overridden, any one miracle is not any harder than another.

When you are in a state of miracle-mindedness as described in ACIM, you are ready to express love and forgiveness. This love overcomes physics in that it collapses time, creates physical healing, gives as much or more to the giver than to the receiver, proves that the spiritual is higher and more powerful than the body (and physics) and changes your perception from the physical eye to the spiritual eye.

Chapter One also includes a number of notes on sex and short discourses on lack and the ‘Higher Shopping Service”. ACIM Chapter One points out that sex is for procreation: to bring more souls into the world, and that the impulse towards sex is actually a miracle impulse trying to get through.

When you remember that miracles are expressions of love, you can see the desire for sex as an impulse towards an expression of love. But as the Course points out, many sexual encounters are completely lacking in love and have even gone into hate. This discussion on sex is not included in the Foundation for Inner Peace edition of A Course In Miracles. To read it, you’ll need to access a copy of the Urtext (original text), the Hugh Lyn version (a lightly edited version), or the Circle of Atonement (CE) version. Almost all currently printed versions of ACIM are the FIP version.

Chapter One also lays out the guidelines for a view of the human mind that disagrees with Freud and establishes the deep unconscious as the place where miracle impulses are born. This is developed more in Chapter Two, which we will discuss at a later date.

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