Station Update for February 2018

Welcome back to everyone from our Christmas break! We were back up live on January 2nd for another year of great broadcasting.

First, check out our Top 100 albums for 2017. This chart is based off of airplay from the past year at CFBX, and we’re proud to have a BC band at the top, The Evaporators, who dominated the charts last winter with their album, Ogopogo Punk. You can also check out the Top 25 albums in all of our specialty genres, from jazz and folk to hip-hop and metal.

Second, we’ve got the Top 10s from station programmers. Each year we get our programmers to pick their favourite albums of 2017, and you’ll find them at the link above.

I’d like to congratulate our year end award winners too. As chosen by our volunteer programmers, the programmer of the year was Rick Albert, host of Rick Around the World, Tuesdays 5-7 PM. And as chosen by station management, our volunteer of the year was Andrew Sahaydak, who designed this website you’re reading now over the summer.

New shows coming on the air this month:

Giving Your Time, talk with Steve, Thursdays 2-3 PM.

We’ve recruited a new batch of volunteers in January, so expect to hear some new voices on the air soon.

Thanks and keep listening!

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