Yearender Line Up – Sunday, December 17th

Here’s the line-up of hosts and guests for December 17th. Tune in Noon to 8 PM on Sunday for lots of live programming!

Noon: Host: Steve Marlow


12:00: Dave Coalmine, local musician

12:15: Brant Zwicker, host, Stormy Monday

12:30: Dylan Olson, host, Alternative Eye

12:45: Sean Luciw, local musician

1 PM: Host: Vince Almond


1:00: Andrew Sahaydak, host, Runaway Tuesday

1:15: Doc Charles, host, Hiway 61

1:30: John Goltz, former host

1:45: Raven and the Kamloops Drum Circle

2 PM: Host: Rick Albert


2:00: Vince Almond, host, Blues, Boogie and Bop

2:15: Nada Abdelgaffar, host, unnamed show, Saturdays 1-2 PM

2:30: Echo Beach, local band

2:45: Pam Tedder, host, Around About Town

3 PM: Host: Jeremy Androsoff


3:00:Rick Albert, host, Rick Around the World

3:15: Cara Becket, host, Consciousness, Ego and Enlightenment

3:30: Angelo Anastasio, host, Panorama Italiano

3:45: Steve Marlow, host, Do Not Touch This Amp

4 PM: Host: Jill Zielinski


4:00: Jeremy Androsoff, host, Anime-d in Japan

4:15: Annette Gauthier, Kamloops Players

4:30: Blazej Szpakowicz, off air volunteer and blogger

4:45: Stephanie Kaboyo, host, This is Africa

5 PM: Host, Bart Cummins


5:00: At Mission Dolores, local band

5:15: Madison Olds, local musician

5:30: Jack Jones, host, Music and the Muse

5:45: Jill Zielinski, host, Area 51

6 PM: Host: Julie and Rod Simmons


6:00: Bart Cummins, on air host

6:15: TBA

6:30: Owen Powers, host, Nation Radio

6:45: Chad Hellingman, host, Rock in the Afternoon.

7 PM: Archisman Mitra


7:00: Julie and Rod Simmons, host, On the Marquee

7:15: TBA

7:30: Lucas from Bootlicker, local band

7:45: Lewis Jay, host, Radio Schizo