Milk Crate Bandits Provide Music for Local Dance Club

Milk Crate Bandits Live For Lindy in the Loops Show Nov. 10, 2017 Coast Kamloops Hotel

Jen Hodge, Chris O’Dear, Brad Shigeta, Jack Ray are the Milk Crate Bandits

The dance club Lindy in the Loops brought the Vancouver’s Milk Crate Bandits to the Coast Kamloops Hotel and Convention Centre on Nov. 10th to provide music for their dancers. Milk Crate Bandits (in this configuration) are Jack Ray on guitar, banjo and main vocals; Jen Hodge on bass ; Brad Shigeta, trombone; and Chris O’Dear, sax. Everyone chipped in on the vocals at one time or another. This quartet, led by transplanted Australian Jack Ray, played an evening of traditional and swing jazz that kept the Lindy in the Loops gang hopping all night at this sold-out show.

Lindy in the Loops dancers.

They played songs from their latest CDs, The View From Out Here and The Neighbourhood. Highlights included “Struttin’ With Some Barbecue” and “Shine on Harvest Moon.” Shigeta is a veteran of the Illinois Jacquet band and O’Dear is an Australian, who most recently has been playing in Germany. The band kept it loose with friendly chatter and jokes, but when it came time to play they showed off their many talents. This made for a memorable evening of music and dance.

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