Station Update for November 1

Hi folks, Steve here.

First off, we’re flush with a lot of new programs and with new volunteers. Check out our new program schedule (which we’ll update at the start of each month) for changes in the schedule, and to see what’s on when! We’ve also provided links to various websites and Facebook pages for shows, so you can keep up to date on what’s going on with your favourite shows.

We’ve added a few new syndicated shows, but, more importantly, you’ll find more live programming too. Here’s a rundown of what’s new!

Tuesday 3-4 PM – This is Africa, African with Stephanie.
Tuesday 9-10 PM – On the Marquee, Jazz and Broadway with Julie and Rod.
Wednesday, 10-11 PM – TBA, Rock/Eclectic with Ben.
Thursday, 1-2 PM – TBA, Chinese with Lulu
Thursday 2-3 PM – TBA, Japanese with Hikaru.
Friday Noon-1 PM – TBA, Russian with Victoria.
Friday, 7-8 PM – TBA, Metal with Steve.
Sunday, 6-7 PM – Lucille’s Strings, Blues with Jack.

While our fall volunteer drive is over, we are always recruiting volunteers. We will take anyone with a creative idea, or just a desire to learn how to make radio, or a desire to pitch in. In fact, there are a few types of programming we could really use on the air, specifically hip-hop, classical and reggae, plus anyone who can speak a foreign language. We also really need live hosts for morning spots (these spots are usually lighter fare, like jazz or roots). If you’re interested in helping out, please call us at (250) 377-3988 or email to for an application. Feel free to drop by the station at House 8 on the TRU campus and we’ll be happy to give you a tour and explain a bit more about what’s involved in volunteering!