Special Thanks

Heartfelt thanks must go to many organizations and individuals who have contributed, with full or partial donations, to the creation and evolution of CFBX.


Especially the council of 1997/98 and president Nina Durante, for getting the ball rolling, and every council since, for encouragement and sheer patience.


For wholeheartedly endorsing the referendum for financial backing and for being behind us all the way.


For supporting the concept of a campus radio station from the outset and providing us with the perfect location and a whole bunch of help.


For equipment donations, technical expertise and enless hours of hands-on assistance, and for understanding that a campus radio station is a good thing for the local market.

There are, in random order, many others

Dave Coulter (NL/River), Ron Wiebe (CBC), Hans Oelker, Kamloops This Week, Steve Marlow, Joe Presta, John Feller, Dale Glennen, Cliff Neufeld, Robbie Dunn (NL/River), Herman Penner, David Graham (ProCad), Gord Setka, Per Gabrielli, Doug Halliday, The Daily News, David Burkholder, Bronwen Scott, Bear Breweries, Neil Russell, Revelstoke Home Centre, Paul Jefferies (NL/River), Allan Holmberg, Doug Knowles, George Alder, NCRA, UCC Foundation, Meaghan Earley, Jim Dupuis, Andrew McKay, Howard Mayer, the City of Kamloops, Monarch Broadcasting, CJAY FM, Shaw Kamloops, Matt McLean, Trevor Day, Gerald Watson, Mario Piva, Vivian Overland, CHFM FM, The Kamloops Campus/Community Radio Society board of directors, the CBC, Brian Allen, the dozens of volunteers who cleaned equipment, helped with renovations and produced closed circuit shows, and the dozens of volunteers who are currently programming some of the most fascinating radio in the city.

To anyone who has been omitted from this list, our apologies. You are still part of the team!