CFBX Top Specialty Albums for Early June 2017

* indicates Canadian Content
** indicates a local artist

Top Ten Jazz Albums

1 Five Alarm Funk* Sweat (Independent)
2 Avery Raquel* Without a Little Rain (Independent)
3 Big Miller and Tommy Banks* Legacy (Chronograph)
4 Lois Gillespie* Entanglements (Independent)
5 Monica Chapman* Small World (LME)
6 Luke Sellick* Alchemist (Cellar Live)
7 Quinn Bachand's Brishen* Blue Verdun (Beacon Ridge)
8 Ed Palermo Big Band The Great Un-American Songbook (Cuneiform)
9 Mike Allen* Bob's Piano (Almus)
10 Lee Konitz Frescalalto (Impulse)

Top Ten World Albums

1 Paris Combo Tako Tsubo (Ta Dah)
2 John Welsh Band* Vamanos Mi Chica (Independent)
3 MandolinMan Unfolding the Roots (ARC Music)
4 The Battle of Santiago* La Migra (Made with Pencil Crayons)
5 Alex Cuba* Lo Unico Constante (Caracol)
6 Dalava The Book of Transfigurations (Songlines)
7 Yuly Tovar Songs from Mexico (ARC Music)
8 Ezra Kwizera* Freedom (Independent)
9 Various Artists Vintage Italia (Putumayo)
10 Khamoro Hungarian Gypsy Music (ARC Music)

Top Ten Metal/Punk Albums

1 Crims and Flow* Nightmare Food in the Vacuum Room (Independent)
2 Society's Ills* Stumble (Independent)
3 Incredible Woman* Incredible (Independent)
4 Slagduster* Deadweight (Waterlow Audio)
5 Kobra and the Lotus* Prevail 1 (Napalm)
6 Caldor Kids Caldor Kids (Independent)
7 The Tossers Smash the Windows (Victory)
8 The Stars of Fiction** 7 EP (Independent)
9 The Chronicles of Israfel* A Trillion Lights, Tome II (Independent)
10 Backbiters* Backbiters (Independent)

Top Ten Electronic Albums

1 Goldfrapp Silver Eye (Mute)
2 Ghost Twin* Plastic Heart (Artoffact)
3 Andrew Franey* Human (We Are Droid)
4 Lou Canon* Suspicious (Paper Bag)
5 Pick a Piper* Distance (Tin Angel)
6 Lydia Ainsworth* Darling of the Afterglow (Arbutus)
7 Kytami* Renegade (East Van Digital)
8 Melted Mirror* Borderzone (Independent)
9 Mercedes Benz* Journey to a Friend (Independent)
10 Jamiroquai Automaton (Virgin)

Top Ten Hip-Hop Albums

1 E.GG* Alverstone (Independent)
2 Theatre Crisp* It's an Obligation (Bandrush)
3 Moka Only* To the Next Season (Urbnet)
4 Detroit Illharmonic Symphony Reserget Cinebirus (Independent)
5 K-Flay Every Where is Some Where (Universal)
6 Transit22* Pity Party Project (Independent)
7 Haviah Mighty* Flower City (Independent)
8 Fortunato and DJ IV* 2 Bad Dudes (Urbnet)
9 Primal Winds* T. Dot Stand Up (Independent)
10 Elicit* Consciousness (Independent)

Top Ten Roots/Country Albums

1 The Good Brothers* Wide Awake Dreamin' (Independent)
2 Lola* Can't Find You EP (Independent)
3 Various Artists* Songwriters of British Columbia Vol. 2 (Independent)
4 Sunny Sweeney Trophy (Thirty Tigers)
5 Sarah Jane Scouten* When the Bloom Falls from the Rose (Light Organ)
6 The Sadies* Northern Passages (Dine Alone)
7 Sam Outlaw Tenderheart (Six Shooter)
8 Fiver* Audible Songs from Rockwood (Idee Fixe)
9 The Bees and the Bare Bones** Fool (single) (Independent)
10 The Wardens* Sleeping Buffalo (Independent)

Top Ten Blues Albums

1 Boogie Patrol* Man on Fire (Independent)
2 Mike Biggar* Go All in (Busted Flat)
3 Chris Antonik* Monarch (Independent)
4 The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer* Apocalipstick (Independent)
5 Earle and Coffin* Wood Wire Blood and Bone (Independent)
6 Steve Strongman* No Time Like Now (Sonic Unyon)
7 Chris Bergson Band Bitter Midnight (2 Shirts)
8 Terry Gillespie* Home Boy (Independent)
9 Janiva Magness Blue Again (Bluelan)
10 Steve Kozak Band* It's Time (Independent)

Top Five Classical Albums

1 Max Richter Infra (Deutsche Grammophon)
2 Mauricio Pollini Chopin: Late Works (Deutsche Grammophon)
3 Cornelius Dufallo Journaling 2 (Innova)
4 Joep Beving Prehension (Deutsche Grammophon)
5 Crystal Mooncone Listening Beam Five (Innova)