Top Albums of 2013

* indicates Canadian Content
** indicates a local artist

1 Crystal Castles* III (Last Gang)
2 Gold and Youth* Beyond Wilderness (Arts and Crafts)
3 The Ketamines* You Can't Serve Two Masters (Mammoth Cave)
4 Lemon Bucket Orkestra* Lume, Lume (Fedora Upside Down)
5 Young Galaxy* Ultramarine (Paper Bag)
6 Sabrina Weeks and Swing Cat Bounce** Got My Eye on You (Independent)
7 Said the Whale* hawaiii/I Love You EP (Hidden Pony)
8 Savages Silence Yourself (Matador)
9 Suuns* Images du Futur (Secret City)
10 Slam Dunk* Welcome to Miami (File Under: Music)
11 The Darcys* Warring (Arts and Crafts)
12 Imaginary Cities* Fall of Roamnce (Hidden Pony)
13 D.O.A.* We Come in Peace (Sudden Death)
14 Daddy Long Legs* The Devil's in the Details (Independent)
15 Daft Punk Random Access Memories (Columbia)
16 The Danks* Gank (Hidden Pony)
17 Raygun Cowboys* Cowboy Up! (Stumble)
18 Jay Arner* Jay Arner (Mint)
19 The Sadies* Internal Sounds (Outside)
20 A Tribe Called Red* Nation II Nation (Tribal Spirit)
21 Various Artists* Arts and Crafts: X (Arts and Crafts)
22 Dead Ghosts* Can't Get No (Burger)
23 The Bicycles* Stop Thinking So Much (Fuzzy Logic)
24 Boats* A Fairway Full of Miners/Marblemouth EP (Kill Rock Stars)
25 Fur Trade* Don't Get Heavy (Last Gang)
26 Young Rival* Stay Young (Sonic Unyon)
27 Hayden* Us Alone (Hardwood)
28 July Talk* July Talk (White Girl)
29 The Matinee* We Swore We'd See the Sunset (Light Organ)
30 Deerhunter Monomania (4AD)
31 Two Hours Traffic* Foolish Blood (Bumstead)
32 David Gogo* Come On Down (Cordova Bay)
33 The Pack A.D.* Some Sssongs EP (Mint)
34 The Albertans* Dangerous Anything (Ernest Jenning)
35 Frightened Rabbit Pedestrial Verse (Atlantic)
36 Miesha and the Spanks* Girls, Like Wolves (Saved by Vinyl)
37 Born Ruffians* Birthmarks (Paper Bag)
38 Surfer Blood Pythons (Sire)
39 The Flowers of Hell* Odes (Optical Sounds)
40 Shad* Flying Colours (Black Box)
41 No Joy* Wait to Pleasure (Mexican Summer)
42 We Are Wolves* La Mort Pop Club (Dare to Care)
43 David Francey* So Say We All (Laker)
44 Acres of Lions* Home(s) (Cordova Bay)
45 By Divine Right* Organized Accidents (Hand Drawn Dracula)
46 Ghostkeeper* Horse Thief! War Chief! (Saved by Radio)
47 David Bowie The Next Day (Columbia)
48 Various Artists* Toronto Blues Now (Independent)
49 Chelsea Light Moving Chelsea Light Moving (Matador)
50 Moths and Locusts* Mission Collapse in the Twin Sun Megaverse (Noise Agony Mayhem)
51 Foals Holy Fire (Transgressive)
52 Yamantaka//Sonic Titan* Uzu (Paper Bag)
53 The Grapes of Wrath* High Road (Aporia)
54 Shannon and the Clams Dreams in the Rat House (Hardly Art)
55 Run with the Kittens* Letters from Camp (Independent)
56 FIDLAR FIDLAR (Dine Alone)
57 AroarA* In the Pine (Club Roll)
58 Solids* Blame Confusion (Bonsound)
59 Tom Fun Orchestra* Earthworm Heart (Company House)
60 Julie Doiron* So Many Days (Aporia)
61 Pup* Pup (Royal Mountain)
62 Royal Canoe* Today We're Beleivers (Nevado)
63 Diana* Perpetual Surrender (Paper Bag)
64 Moonface* Julia with Blue Jeans On (Paper Bag)
65 Grouplove Spreading Rumors (Atlantic)
66 Mindil Beach Markets* It Might Take Long (Independent)
67 Jah and I* Heart, Mind and Soul (Independent)
68 Fake Shark Real Zombie* Liar (Light Organ)
69 Atoms for Peace Amok (XL)
70 The Burning Hell* People (Weewerk)
71 Light Fires* Face (Independent)
72 Paper Lions* My Friends (Fountain Pop)
73 Yo La Tengo Fade (Matador)
74 Ponctuation* 27 Club (Independent)
75 The Highest Order* If It's Real (Idee Fixe)
76 Braids* Flourish//Perish (Flemish Eye)
77 Ruth Moody* These Wilder Things (True North)
78 HAIM Days Are Gone (Columbia)
79 The Tubuloids* Surf Fukushima (Crapitol)
80 Eliana Cuevas* Espejo (Independent)
81 Babysitter* Eye (Psychic Handshake)
82 The Besnard Lakes* Until in Excess, Imperceptible UFO (Jagjaguwar)
83 AB Trio* Take No Prisoners (Independent)
84 Connoisseurs of Porn* Falling Down the Stairs (Independent)
85 Dinosaur Bones* Shaky Dream (Dine Alone)
86 The Strumbellas* We Still Move on Dance Floors (Six Shooter)
87 Stone Iris* Grande National (Kamelcorn)
88 Diamond Rings* Free Dimensional (Secret City)
89 The Flatliners* Dead Language (New Damage)
90 Sex with Strangers* Behaviours (Boutique Empire)
91 Dubmatix* Rebel Massive (Renegade Media)
92 UBT* Ego Orientation (Psychic Handshake)
93 Bob Marley and the Wailers Legend Remixed (Tuff Gong)
94 Cash Box Kings Black Toppin' (Blind Pig)
95 Louise Burns* The Midnight Mass (Light Organ)
96 Fast Romantics* Afterlife Blues (Pipe and Hat)
97 Austra* Olympia (Paper Bag)
98 Woodpigeon* Thumbtacks and Glue (Boompa)
99 Campus Thieves* Campus Thieves (Independent)
100 Dear Rouge* Kids Wanna Know (Independent)

CFBX Top 25 Jazz Albums for 2013

1 Chet Doxas* Dive (Addo)
2 Oliver Jones* Just for My Lady (Justin Time)
3 Colin Stetson* New History Warfare Vol. 3 (Constellation)
4 Gypsophilia* Horska (Forward)
5 Cecile McLorin-Savant WomanChild (Justin Time)
6 AB Trio* Take No Prisoners (Independent)
7 Michael Blake* The Grand Scheme of Things (Songlines)
8 Halie Loren Simply Love (Justin Time)
9 Myriad3* Tell (Alma)
10 Ryan Oliver Quartet* Strive! (Independent)
11 Dylan Ryan and Sand Sky Bleached (Cuneiform)
12 Rebekah Bell* To Watch Over Me (Independent)
13 Jim Brenan Quartet* January (Death Defying)
14 Nightcrawlers* Volume 3 (Cellar Live)
15 Miles Black Trio* Live at Corey Weeds' Cellar Live Jazz Club (Cellar Live)
16 James Danderfer* The Hummingbird Brigade (Reigning Parade)
17 Monica Chapman* But Beautiful (Independent)
18 Back-Talk Organ Trio* Black Flower (Independent)
19 Cameron Wallis* Calling Dexter (Independent)
20 Pamela York* Lay Down This World (Independent)
21 Ron Davis* Blue Module (Minerva Road)
22 Ian Hendrickson-Smith The Soul of My Alto (Cellar Live)
23 Joshua Redman Walking Shadows (Nonesuch)
24 Carrie Wicks Barely There (OA2)
25 The Kandinsky Effect Synesthesia (Cuneiform)

CFBX Top 25 World Beat/Reggae Albums for 2013

1 Lemon Bucket Orkestra* Lume, Lume (Fedora Upside Down)
2 Noise Level* Soaked in Dub (Woodman)
3 A Tribe Called Red* Nation II Nation (Tribal Spirit)
4 Jerusalem in My Heart* Mo7it al-Mo7it (Constellation)
5 Dubmatix* Rebel Massive (Renegade Media)
6 Adonis Puentes* Sabor a Cafe (Warner)
7 Eliana Cuevas* Espejo (Independent)
8 Ezra Kwizera* Refuge (Independent)
9 Jah and I* Heart, Mind and Soul (Independent)
10 Njacko Backo* Below Here Nothing is Impossible (Independent)
11 Garifuna Collective Ayo (Cumbancha)
12 Dieter Iby Didgeridoo Street Music (ARC Music)
13 Ballake Sissoko At Peace (Six Degrees)
14 Beautiful Nubia* Orojori (EniObanke)
15 Silvana Kane* La Jardinera (Six Degrees)
16 Habib Kotie and Eric Bibb Brothers in Bamako (Stony Plain)
17 Snoop Lion Reincarnated (RCA)
18 Eccodek* Living for Live (Big Mind)
19 Orchid Ensemble* Life Death Tears Dream (Independent)
20 Bombino Nomad (Cumbancha)
21 Lorraine Klaasen* A Tribute to Miriam Makeba (Justin Time)
22 Dom la Nena Ela (Six Shooter)
23 Dewa Budjana Dawai in Paradise (Moonjune)
24 Bob Marley and the Wailers Legend Remixed (Tuff Gong)
25 Sultans of String* Symphony! (Independent)

CFBX Top 25 Metal/Loud Albums for 2013

1 The Ketamines* You Can't Serve Two Masters (Mammoth Cave)
2 Dead Ghosts* Can't Get No (Burger)
3 The Tubuloids* Surf Fukushima (Crapitol)
4 Raygun Cowboys* Cowboy Up! (Stumble)
5 The Mahones* Angels and Devils (Whiskey Devil)
6 D.O.A.* We Come in Peace (Sudden Death)
7 K-Man and the 45s* The Ska-Mones Vol. 1 (Independent)
8 Surface of the Sun* A Dying Star (Independent)
9 KEN Mode* Entrench (New Damage)
10 Black Rainbows* I Met This Chick... (Independent)
11 FIDLAR FIDLAR (Dine Alone)
12 Pup* Pup (Royal Mountain)
13 Shannon and the Clams Dreams in the Rat House (Hardly Art)
14 Miesha and the Spanks* Girls, Like Wolves (Saved by Vinyl)
15 UBT* Ego Orientation (Psychic Handshake)
16 The Brains* The Monster Within (Stomp)
17 Napalm Raid* Mindless Nation (Rust and Machine)
18 The Faps* Ded Lake (S&S Collective)
19 The Creepshow* Life After Death (Stomp)
20 Iceage You're Nothing (Matador)
21 The Nefidovs* Better Wake Up! (Independent)
22 Lab Rat* Lab Rat (Rawer Breath)
23 Various Artists* Shake! It Up Vol. 1 (Shake!)
24 TV Freaks* Two (Schizophrenic)
25 Rebuild/Repair* Arson Awareness Day (Independent)

CFBX Top 25 Electronic Albums for 2012

1 Crystal Castles* III (Last Gang)
2 A Tribe Called Red* Nation II Nation (Tribal Spirit)
3 Daft Punk Random Access Memoires (Columbia)
4 Austra* Olympia (Paper Bag)
5 Mid Pines* Corpse Pose (Independent)
6 Atoms for Peace Amok (XL)
7 Sex with Strangers* Behaviours (Boutique Empire)
8 Pick a Piper* Pick a Piper (Mint)
9 Keravel* Voltz (Independent)
10 Renny Wilson* Sugarglider (Mint)
11 St. Lucia September EP (Columbia)
12 Data Romance* Others (SQE)
13 Bear Mountain* XO (Last Gang)
14 Diana* Perpetual Surrender (Paper Bag)
15 Galaxius Mons* Galaxius Mons (Kinnta)
16 Disclosure Settle (Island)
17 Tim Hecker* Virgins (Paper Bag)
18 John Grant Pale Green Ghosts (Partisan)
19 Second Culture Flying Potion (Independent)
20 Spoke and Mirror* The Music is the Message (Independent)
21 Black Marble A Different Arrangement (Hardly Art)
22 Hank and Lily* Crank City (Independent)
23 Light Fires* Face (Independent)
24 Texture and Light* The Hard Problems with Consciousness (Independent)
25 Hello Moth* Infinitely Repeated (Independent)

CFBX Top 25 Urban/Hip-Hop Albums for 2012

1 Lozen* Tragedy and Triumph (Urbnet)
2 The Chicharones* Swine Flew (Camobear)
3 Madchild* Lawn Mower Man (Suburban Noize)
4 Kyprios* The Lapdog EP (Independent)
5 Hermit of the Woods* Land of the Lotus Eaters (Endemik)
6 DL Incognito* Someday is Less than a Second Away (Urbnet)
7 Spoken Nerd Our Team is Going to Win (Independent)
8 The Lytics* They Told Me (Camobear)
9 Miles Jones* The Jones Act Part III (Urbnet)
10 Blades of Steel* Like a Calf in a Tubesock (Independent)
11 Ryan Stinson* Futura (Urbnet)
12 Crunchy Kids Mint (Independent)
13 Notes to Self* Target Market (Decon)
14 Swamp Thing* Creature Feature (Hand Solo)
15 P-Money Gratitude (Dirty Red)
16 Pigeon Hole* Chimp Blood (Urbnet)
17 Earl Sweatshirt Doris (Columbia)
18 Talib Kweli Prisoner of Conscious (Javotti)
19 Mikey Maybe* Honey and Bread (Old Ugly)
20 Grand Analog* Modern Thunder (The Shadow Cabinet)
21 bRavenous* Outta the East (Bad Mouth)
22 Shad* Flying Colours (Black Box)
23 NerdX* Spiritual Alien (Independent)
24 Mad Dukez and Fresh Kils* Gettin' Gatsby (Deep Thinka)
25 Deltron 3030 Event 2 (Bulk)

CFBX Top 25 Roots/Country Albums for 2012

1 The Blue Warblers* Pretty Good (Independent)
2 The Sadies* Internal Sounds (Outside)
3 The Fretless* Waterbound (Independent)
4 Stan Rogers* Northwest Passage (reissue) (Borealis)
5 David Francey* So Say We All (Laker)
6 Little Miss Higgins and the Winnipeg Five* Bison Ranch Recording Sessions (Independent)
7 Ruth Moody* These Wilder Things (True North)
8 Go Jane Go* Go Jane Go (Independent)
9 Elder Sister Plum* People Like Us (Independent)
10 Trent Severn* Trent Severn (Outside)
11 Matt Lowen* Junkie's Bank Account (Independent)
12 The Dardanelles* The Eastern Light (Independent)
13 Bloodshot Bill* So Blue (Transistor 66)
14 Brandy Zdan* Lone Hunter (Cavalier)
15 Emma Cloney* Stars for Streetlights (Independent)
16 John Reischman* Walk Along John (Corvus)
17 Pharis and Jason Romero* Long Gone Out West Blues (Independent)
18 Various Artists The Music is You: A Tribute to John Denver (ATO)
19 Reformed Whores Ladies Don't Spit (Independent)
20 Barney Bentall* Flesh and Bone (True North)
21 April Verch* Bright Like Gold (Slab Town)
22 Naming the Twins* Drifters and Dreamers (Duet Right)
23 Cod Gone Wild** The Travelers (Independent)
24 The Echo Hunters* Fortuna Beach (Independent)
25 Kacy and Clayton* Kacy and Clayton (Dahl Street)

CFBX Top 25 Blues Albums for 2012

1 David Gogo* Come on Down (Cordova Bay)
2 Sabrina Weeks and Swing Cat Bounce** Got My Eye on You (Independent)
3 George Leach* Surrender (Independent)
4 Anthony Gomes* Before the Beginning (Independent)
5 The Some x6* The Hoodoo Shake (Independent)
6 Daddy Long Legs* The Devil's in the Details (Independent)
7 Sunday Wilde* He Gave Me a Blue Nightgown (Independent)
8 Mike Zito and the Wheel Gone to Texas (Ruf)
9 Marshall Lawrence* House Call (Independent)
10 Various Artists* Toronto Blues Now (Independent)
11 Third Degree* Return to Rock (Independent)
12 Magic Slim and the Teardrops Bad Boy (Blind Pig)
13 Deanna Bogart Pianoland (Blind Pig)
14 Delbert and the Commotions* Let Me See Ya Dance (Independent)
15 The Reply* Downtown Soul (Independent)
16 John Pippus Band* Howl at the Moon (Independent)
17 Steve Hill* Solo Recordings Vol. 1 (Independent)
18 Monkeyjunk* All Frequencies (Stony Plain)
19 Pam Taylor Band Hot Mess (Independent)
20 Dalannah Gail Bowen* Them Menz (Quest)
21 Jake Chisholm* Diamond in a Coalmine (Independent)
22 Terry Gillespie* Bluesoul (Independent)
23 24th Street Wailers* Live in Halifax (Independent)
24 Dave Arcari and the Hellsinki Hellraisers Whisky in My Blood (Blue North)
25 Savoy Brown Songs from the Road (Ruf)